Gift #32: Denver Museum of Nature and Science (part 1, stay tuned for further posts)


DMNS entrance

Today my mom and I spent the entire day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  The ENTIRE day: 9-5.  Yep, we’re some of the few people who can be there from open to close.  As in, the security guards need to ask us to leave because they’d like to go home now.  🙂  I love, love, love my museum.  My favorite part is the Explore Colorado exhibit.  Located on the third floor, it features breathtaking dioramas of each of the ecosystems in Colorado.  Signage is made up to look like field journals.  Here’s an example:




It is the most spectacular diorama I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a fair share of them.  The attention to detail is exquisite.  Shown in every season, with a wide variety of Colorado’s flora and fauna, this exhibit demonstrates the beauty of our state and is an eloquent love letter to the natural beauty Colorado is blessed with. 

Flora and Fauna ID pics on display



I had thought about condensing everything I love about this museum into one post, but that would be cheating myself and you out of savoring the beautiful experience.  So I will limit myself to just a few thoughts about the museum, and spread it over several days so that you can get a more in-depth appreciation for and look into the “treasure house of natural history.”   If you ever get a chance to visit the museum, you should not hesitate.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited natural history museums all over the country, and this is one of the finest.  The museum is beautiful, in every sense of the word.  It was built in 1903, with various additions through the years, and even though it is modern and forward-thinking with its emphasis on conservation, it retains the weight of its history and understanding of its legacy.  You know when you enter its door that greatness resides here. 

I have spent hundreds of hours in this museum, probably hundreds in the Explore Colorado exhibit alone, and I can tell you every inch of that hall has been personally photographed.  So I will leave you with some of my favorite scenes, which hopefully will communicate why I am still as much in love with Colorado, as I was on the day I first called it home. 

Eagles nesting

Alpine Tundra



Blessings to you, 


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