GIft #57: Racoon babies

They’re here!!!  They’re finally here!  Our first little racoon babies came out to say hi yesterday afternoon.  Here’s a pic I snagged of them during their scampers on the deck. 

Racoon babies

Aren’t they adorable?  Baby and mother came out and it was fun to watch the baby wander about the deck, sniffing plants and such.  Then, after a brief disappearance, mother returns with 2 babies and wants some bread.  After receiving treats, they disappear again down the deck.  Well, the mother crawled down the deck rails.  It was too complicated a movement for the babies, and they elected to fall down into the tomato plants.  Then mother reappears with 4 babies!!  If we kept this exponential rate up for the rest of the evening, all of us were going to need another house!  It’s quite a large litter for a young mother.  I took lots of pictures, but it’s hard to get all five raccoons to settle down and pose for pictures. I’ll keep trying.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one and have a great day. 


Blessings to you,


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