Gift #69: Chirping crickets

This morning on my outside jaunt to my building from the parking garage, I listened to some crickets chirping out their morning greetings.  There is nothing quite so beautiful and soothing as listening to insects make music.  Hearing the melodies of nature is always wonderful, but I find a special pleasure in musically inclined insects.  Bees buzzing, cicadas humming, crickets chirping…all are lovely.  It’s nice to live in a place where I can listen to them each morning and evening.  When I was little, my best friend was deathly afraid of crickets.  We lived in Texas, where crickets reached almost plague levels during the summer – they were everywhere.  Whenever she would hear a cricket chirping, it was my job to find said cricket, capture it, and start a cricket relocation program.  I was dubbed “Sarah: the cricket hunter”.  I removed many, many crickets from her living room and bedroom during the summers.  Ahh, the memories.  There’s nothing quite like feeling a cricket jumping around in your closed fist either.  I prefer listening to them rather that carrying them.  Enjoy the sounds of nature today.

Blessings to you,


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