Gift # 81: Serenity Tea Parlor

Today my mother and I took my grandmother to Zionsville to browse around the shops, look at the beautiful buildings and homes, and have lunch together.  It was a wonderful time and so nice to be able to spend a leisurely day in each other’s company.  We ate lunch at Serenity Tea Parlor and we got to eat outside in the garden.  That was absolutely lovely, because the weather had cooled into the 80s and was so pleasant.  There were still some flowers in bloom, and we got to eat under a brightly colored umbrella with music from the 1940s playing in the background!  The food was incredibly good and I took some pictures so you could see (and then I had to explain to the waitress why I was taking pictures!)  I ordered the summer panini sandwich, made up of apples, walnuts, provolone cheese, and a warm, cinnamon-butter spread – all grilled to perfection.  The sandwich came with a side house salad and pecan scone!  Ahhh… heaven. 


My mother and grandmother both had a soup/salad combo with cool cucumber soup and bleu cheese and fig salad.  That looked most appetizing as well.  I got to try some of the soup and was pleasantly surprised to find I don’t hate cucumbers as much as I thought.  In fact, it was really good. 

Hope that your day was full of wonderful things too!

Blessings to you,


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