Gift #91: A Naturalist’s Collection

Today I wanted to share with you the amazing collection of natural treasures we found at Spring Grove over the weekend. I love browsing the leaf litter for treasure, and this was certainly a haul. 

The lichen-covered bark came from the ground nearby the oldest tree in the park, the White Oak.  The acorns came from there as well.  Pinecones were dropped by an obliging conifer – I don’t remember the name.  And the snails….my goodness…we walked a trail along a lake shore and there were hundreds and hundreds of snail shells washed up on the shore.  I’d never seen so many shells au naturale in my life! 

While contemplating the beauties of this collection and how it makes my heart pitter-patter, I became aware of a strange association brewing in my mind.  Our treasures on the paper plate look just like the new food pyramid recommendations.

  1/2 of your plate should be fruits and veggies…yep, the lichen covered bark could pass for a leafy, green something. 

Close up of the lichen..because it’s so beautiful

1/4 of the plate should be protein….snails are always a good source of protein.  And 1/4 should be carbs.  I think acorns could pass for a carb source.  Interesting how these correlations pop up out of nowhere. 

I have enjoyed the beauty of these offerings of nature very much and I hope you do too.

Blessings to you,


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