Gift #92: Rain

Today we had rain!!!  Now, this would not typically be something that I would be thankful for.  As a rule, I dislike cloudy, rainy days and thrive upon bright sunny days.  I think this is a result of living in Colorado for 10 years. One gets used to sunny days and bright blue skies.  However, I’m very happy to blog about it raining today because it’s the first real rain we’ve had on the west side of Indy since April.  The grass had long since given up any hope of getting any water, and the water company expressly forbade us sneaking in any drinks for the lawn.  Likewise, our corn had decided producing fruit was not a priority anymore and had prematurely stopped growing and turned brown.  It has been really dry, and the rain today was such a wonderful, refreshing sight.  And, bonus, it’s going to cool things down to the mid 70s over the weekend too!!  In addition to the rain, we also had hail!  Here’s a pic.  That was not quite as fun – the hail really came down hard for quite a while. 

It was wonderful to hear rain and thunder again and to know our dry vegetation was getting a long-overdue drink.  It reminded me of this verse from the Bible.

“Ask the LORD for rain in the springtime; it is the LORD who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, and plants of the field to everyone.” — Zechariah 10:1

Blessings to you,


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