Gift #95: State Fair Agriculture Building

So excited was I to share all the great activity of the state fair last night, that I completely overlooked the Agriculture Pavilion.  And this is just not satisfactory, especially since the pavilion houses the champion pumpkins, as well as many other wonderful things.  So today’s post will focus solely on the curiosities of nature to be found in our aggie building.  My favorite thing in the agriculture building is the pumpkins.  There are lots of lovely specimens there and it warms my heart to see so many in one place. 

Now, then there are the “normal” pumpkins, and there are “monstro” pumpkins, which are so large that they cannot do anything but sit on their pallets and be marveled at by onlookers.  They are incredible pumpkins, all over 1000 pounds.  And every time I wonder how on earth they even moved these pumpkins from their farms into this display. 

Monstro the Pumpkin

There are other items on display at the Ag. building, despite my infatuation with them.  There are entries for about every possible fruit and vegetable that grow in a temperate climate.  tomatoes are always a favorite of mine too.  There is even a category of “unusual shaped tomatoes”.  I’d like to judge that one!  In addition, the beekeepers have a big exhibit and sell candles and honey.  There are floral displays, and terrariums, and loads of herbs.  And there are also some neat educational posters that school kids have done on agricultural interest.  Oh, and the bonsai trees – we have a bonsai group in Indiana that has some incredible miniature trees on display. 


Canned Sculpture – “Dairy Queen” An ice cream cone is crowned queen of the fair.

Then there are the canned food sculptures.  This is the most unusual display in the building.  I’m not sure who decided this was a good fit for the Ag. building, or who designs and puts them together.  But they are actually very ingenious and who would have thought they could be art? However, to true artists, anything can be turned to a work of beauty.  And that was on display throughout the whole pavilion – people sharing the bounty of earth provided by the Artist of the universe. 

Blessings to you,