Gift # 98: Tiny bird feathers

Look what lovely little beauties I found at work today!!  I spied them on my way across the green patch to go to farmer’s market.  There were quite a few little downy feathers littering the edge of the sidewalk.  On my way back from getting my produce, I stopped to pick up several.  I was disturbed in my moment of jubilation by a voice “What are you doing?”  I look up to see a friend of mine (he used to work in my building, but then got transferred).  “picking up bird feathers” I responded in a tone suggesting I didn’t understand why everyone else wasn’t engaged in such an activity.  “Why”, he asked.  Well, “why not” I’m thinking.  What I say is that I like to use them on my stamped art projects and feel better about collecting feathers myself so I know the birds weren’t harmed.  He stares at me for quite some time, as if trying to decide if this is a quirk of personality or signs of insanity.  After a length, he says “If I see some in my garden, I will bring them for you.”  Ahhh, wonderful – he’s not going to call security, and I might get some more feathers for my efforts.  Well, I think they were well worth being thought of strangely. 

Here’s one more close up of the feathery bits of goodness.  Hope bird feather fall across your path today.

Feathers from work

Blessings to you,


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