Gift #100: A Happy Heart

For my blog post gift, I wanted to share with you a song I heard today which touched me with its simple sweetness and message.  The singer is wishing for a different life, for what he doesn’t have that he thinks will make him happy.  Then through an interaction with a friend, he realizes that he already has the capacity to be happy.  He finds that happiness isn’t a result of circumstances, but a way of looking at our circumstances and finding all the reasons to be thankful.  When life is viewed this way, we find we are truly blessed and our lives are filled with gifts.  This song perfectly expresses the heart of my blog, and I hope it encourages you as I celebrate my 100th gift. 

Wishing Song 

I wish I had a coat of silk, the color of the sky.
I wish I had a lady fair, and then a butterfly
I wish I had a house of stone that looked down on the sea
But most of all I wish that I was someone else but me.
(Interlude )

Now I don’t have a coat of silk, but still I have the sky
Now I don’t have a lady, but there goes a butterfly
Now I don’t have a house of stone, but I can see the sea
Now most of all I know that I am happy to be me.
I’m happy to be me. 

–       The Great Gonzo

A happy card I made a while back, waiting for a day like today

Blessings to you,



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