Gift #104: Hummingbird Moth

I call this a Hummingbird Moth but I don't kno...

This isn’t my picture, it comes from Wikipedia.  

Well, it was a really big weekend, and I’m just now getting to blog about it.  For shame!  But this past weekend saw the arrival of a long-awaited visitor.  Since I first laid eyes on a hummingbird moth when we moved to Indy, they have been my favorite insect.  And I eagerly await their late-summer arrival to the flowers for nectar.  And this past Sunday was the first time this season that one has come to visit.  I remember vividly the first time that I saw a hummingbird moth.  There was one flitting about the flowers at a pond shop that my mom and I visited shortly upon moving to Indy.  At first I thought I was looking at a little hummingbird, then I noticed, it had lots of legs..  Was I seeing things??  What could this be?  Noting my intrigue with the insect, one of the workers explained what it was.  It is a type of sphinx moth which looks just like a hummingbird, with a thick body and iridescent wings and long proboscis with which it laps up nectar.  It’s an incredibly beautiful moth and very engaging to watch.   hope you all have a chance to observe one of these miracles up close.

Blessings to you,


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