Gift #106: Music of Stanton Lanier

Friday on the way home, I was introduced to a wonderful pianist, Stanton Lanier.  I should explain, the introduction was via the radio.  I was listening to the Chris Fabry show, and Mr. Lanier was his guest for the hour.  He played excerpts of his music  and discussed his creative process, themes of his music, and how he uses it as ministry.  He is known as the “Pianist of Peace.”  And after hearing his music, I think it a very appropriate title.  The overriding emotion of his work is calm, meditative, peace.  On the broadcast, he talked about how he will read Scripture, and then find musical themes that best personify the ideas of the passage.  While I was listening, a woman called in and read a passage from the Bible and then he pulled out some key words, created musical motifs for them, and then started layering them together to create a beautiful song on the spot. 

What I was most impressed with however, was how he was using his talents and creativity to bless others.  Many people have loved his music for its calming, hopeful qualities.  Mr. Lanier donates his CDs to individuals who are facing terminal diseases and their families.  The program was started after friends of his lost their little daughter to leukemia.  He hopes that his music will bring peace and a source of comfort to those who are hurting.  I think they have donated over 20,000 CDs.  Listening to his music was a wonderful experience and I came away from the broadcast feeling rejuvenated, thankful for those who use their talents and gifts for others, and encouraged to do the same.

You can listen to the program here.

You can watch a music video here and there are lots at youtube as well.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #106: Music of Stanton Lanier

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks very much for sharing this story. The Friday, Aug 24th time with Chris Fabry was very special, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. God’s blessings to you too as you bless others!
    – Stanton Lanier

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