Gift #108: Lost item returned

It had been my intention to blog yesterday, but I needed to take care of some work and it took much longer than I anticipated.  I had thought up a neat blog idea based on the Carpenter’s song “Rainy Days and Mondays” – both get you down, and we had both yesterday in Indy.  On top of that, I realized that my hoodie had gotten lost (or abandoned me) when I was on the way in to work.  I had noticed its absence early in the day and thought perhaps I had left it in the car.  Upon returning to the car that afternoon to go home, there was no hoodie waiting for me.  It was long, sad drive home, an a lonely evening without my hoodie.  I had gotten it on sale a couple years ago, and we have been constant companions since.  I love its dark brown detailing and scrolls along the front.  And I adore the delicate doilies carefully stitched on top.  And it’s so soft and cuddly and perfect for keeping warm under air conditioner vents.  Here’s a picture of the design.

A closeup of my hoodie

This morning I went on a valiant search to reclaim my beloved hoodie.  I asked in one of the main offices along the route I take from parking garage to my desk.  They didn’t have it, but one of the kind ladies took me to the security and I inquired there.  Blessing upon blessings, they had it!!  Some kind soul had noticed my forlorn hoodie and noted that it would certainly be missed.  I’m so grateful to whoever turned it in.  And I’m blissfully reunited with my hoodie and am currently enjoying its warm fuzziness as I knit, and reknit, my market bag.   Oh happy reunion!

Blessings to you,


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