Gift #110: Halloween Decorations

I ended up in Joanns this evening with a perfectly legitimate reason – I needed a knitting needle for a project I was working on.  However, upon walking inside, I noticed that they

Cat is optional

had their Halloween displays all stocked and ready for browsing!  After such an invitation and weeks of waiting, how could I refuse?  And this is how I found myself, in a puddle of drool in the Halloween decor aisle an hour later, completely giddy with excitement.  There were so many goodies – beautiful wall decals, decorated pumpkins, apothecary bottles, sparkly wire trees and spider webs, creepy gauzy fabric, signs and bunting!  Then there were costumes and accessories (for you and your little dog too!) and favors and treat bags for parties.  It was just wonderful!! 

Having miraculously remembered my need for the knitting needles after being so horribly distracted by decorations, I reluctantly made my way to the checkout counter.  There, they have their magazines, so as to ensnare shoppers into buying the next issue while waiting in line.  It was there that it  called to me – the Better Homes and Gardens Halloween issue.  Ohh, happy day!!!  I stood right there in the aisle and pored over every page – it did not disappoint.  The issue is chock full of great ideas for decorating, parties, food – everything!  And all very doable.  There’s even a centerpiece with green mushrooms!!  I am still recovering from last year’s Halloween issue – which featured Alice in Wonderland – one of the best magazines I’ve eve seen.  My little heart beats wildly with anticipation…

Blessings to you,


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