GIft #119: William Zimmerman

Last weekend my mother and I made a roadtrip to Bloomington.  A local magazine informed us that some watercolors of William Zimmerman’s were on display at the art museum on IU’s campus.  Armed with the knowledge that bird paintings are waiting to be seen we are unstoppable.   We overcame several obstacles getting there and getting our car into an approved parking spot for visitors.  Then we had to find the paintings – this was no small feat either.  The girl at the front desk stared at us blankly.  “Yes, Zimmerman… the paintings on are display through mid Sept.” we explain again.  Finally, we locate the paintings, and they were well worth the effort of finding.  I was only disappointed that more people hadn’t been down to see Zimmerman’s genius.  He was an Indiana native who started painting wildlife at age 10.  He enjoyed a career in greeting card designs, and then focused on birds later in life.  His first book, Waterfowl of North America was published in 1974.  This compilation was followed by several other works up through the 1990s.  The woodpecker paintings on display were some of the last works Zimmerman created.  Their attention to detail and stunning realism make these paintings true treasures. 


Blessings to you,

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