Gift #123: Photo editing

Several months ago my friend showed me some amazing photos she had taken with her new iphone app, hipstomatic.  I was instantly smitten with the vintage, artsy feel of the photos and longed to have hipstomatic for my very own.  Unfortunately I do not have an iphone.  I have been very good about not jumping on the social bandwagon, and indeed, have endured quite a bit of mockery about my “brick” phone which only can only make phone calls, not network my life.  The introduction to hipstomatic weakened my resolve significantly.  I’ve still held out against the iphone, but have been investigating options to achieve a “hipstomatic effect” with my photos.  I’m limited in this endeavor by a) wanting a free application and b) not being very computer savvy.  There are lots of great, sophisticated programs, but I need something very user friendly and quick.  My dearest wishes were granted with the discovery of rollip. This is an amazing website.  You upload your picture (with one click) then select what filter you’d like to use.  It’s as easy as that.  There are quite a few filters to pick from, all give a vintage, weathered look.  You can also add effects and borders to the photo.  I’ve been having lots of fun with the website.  Here’s some of my favorite filters.

“Vintage sundown” filter

“Dark” filter

“Focus lens” filter

Blessings to you,


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