Gift #150: Walk through Donaldson Woods

A very special part of Spring Mill State Park is Donaldson Woods.  George Donaldson, a Scotsman, bought the tract of land in 1865, and preserved it as a virgin forest.  It is a rare treasure indeed, to find uncut, untouched forest.  Upon his death, the property reverted to the state because he was not an American citizen, and eventually the land was included with the state park.  Many of the trees in these woods are over 300 years old.  While walking through the woods, there was one special grove where we stopped for a while.  The wind was blowing lightly, and leaves continually whirled and danced about us, sometimes landing on our heads or arms.  As I listened to the wind through the trees, it seemed like the breath of God, and His forest was one of the most beautiful temples I’d ever seen.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of this special place.

Bridge over a lake

In a tree’s embrace


Autumn colors


Geese on the lake

Blessings to you,

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One Response to Gift #150: Walk through Donaldson Woods

  1. anmarie2667 says:

    Sarah, this place is sacred to me…you may like my blog about the Wilson Monument and my experience there…

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