Gift #165: Halloween Wreath

Over the past month I have enjoyed seeing beautiful Halloween wreaths on Pinterest and my DIY blogs.  I finally decided I’d like to try to make one too.  I’ve never attempted wreaths before.  They’ve always seemed a bit daunting, having to decorate in three dimensions, and without a pattern.  But I decided my door would like a wreath for the season, and I settled on a theme.  I wanted something that looked like the middle of a forest – dark and full of branches..and with a raven.  I had seen some lovely decorations at local craft stores, so off I went last weekend to procure them and assemble my wreath.  Unfortunately, there were no Halloween decorations for a wreath to be had – they had all gone on clearance and everything was nearly gone with still a week and a half till Halloween!  I did find my raven, the only one left with an intact beak.  I got the rest of the supplies from the floral section of the store and from the what I had at home.  Here’s the finished wreath.  What do you think? 

I started with a grapevine wreath and added lots of twigs to it to make it look more like a gnarly tree.  Then I spray-painted the whole thing black – not heavily, just enough to darken it.  I found purple roses and cut them off the stems and hot glued them to the base of the wreath.  I ran drizzles of the hot glue all over the wreath to give a bit of sparkle and to look like spider webs.  I wanted to use the leaves from the roses, but they were really bright, so I rubbed them with a black inkpad to darken them and tucked them into the wreath.  I stretched spider webbing over the wreath and along the back and hid 2 little spiders in the wreath.  I hope you enjoyed my first foray into wreath-making. 

Blessings to you,


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