Gift #170: “Emma’s Chemise” knitting project completed

At the beginning of September, I blogged about a new knitting project that I had started, a tunic from the Interweave publication, Jane Austen Knits Spring 2012 issue.  I finished it a few weeks back and finally took some pictures.  I wore it for the first time to church last Sunday.  It’s one of the first garments I’ve made and I was really pleased with how it turned out.  

It’s been an interesting experience to make a piece of clothing entirely by hand.  It took about a month to make it, working on it in the evenings in between other projects.  In our culture, nearly everything is made by machines – quick and impersonal.  Making a garment myself made me feel closer to the women of generations past who knit and sewed all their family’s garments with their own hands.  I read once that a skilled dressmaker could handsew a dress in 40 hours.  Can you imagine that!  It was such a different way of life when sewing and knitting were necessities, not just hobbies as they are now.  I think one of the reasons I enjoy knitting so much is its history.   When I pick up my needles, I’m one of millions of individuals from ages past, present, and those yet to come, who are all bonded together by the thrill of watching a ball of yarn transform into something lovely and functional right in our hands.  It’s pure magic, and our needles are our wands. 

Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #170: “Emma’s Chemise” knitting project completed

  1. I like the way you say you are bonded to knitters of the past. Great piece of knitting.

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