Gift #171: Wild Strawberries

When my mom and I went to Crown Hill Cemetery last weekend, we spent a long time driving and walking around, taking pictures of the beautiful autumnal afternoon.  On one of our walks, we stopped to admire one of the magnificent trees and to feel its leaves and branches.  Then, we looked down at our feet, and the entire area near the tree was covered in little strawberry plants.  There were a few that were still fruiting, even at the end of October!  I’ve never seen wild strawberries before.  My experience with them has been limited to one year, when we tried to grow some, but the squirrels helped themselves to the tiny fruits even before they ripened.  They never even asked!  It was thrilling to see some growing so late in the season.  Here’s a picture. 

There are so many wonders at our feet – literally!  Take time this week to notice where you’re walking and what little miracles are found there.  And then come back here and tell us all what you’ve experienced. 

Blessings to you,


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