Gift #176: Bird’s nest

On the way out of Hobby Lobby, look what was waiting to be discovered!  It had been hiding in the tree near the entrance, well hidden in the leaves.  But now that the leaves had all fallen, we were able to admire this work of art amongst the barren limbs.  And just look at how clever Little Miss Birdie is:  she’s incorporated several bits of plastic netting into her nest.  Isn’t it a lovely home, and such a happy surprise to find in a shopping center.  I love that birds are able to make their homes anywhere: in trees, on the ground, in store signs, in warehouses.  They are so accommodating, and it’s wonderful to have their beauty and sweet songs near us.  And birds’ nests are among the most beautiful objects in nature.

Blessings to you,

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2 Responses to Gift #176: Bird’s nest

  1. Larry says:

    Sarah, I share your appreciation of birds: the breadth of God’s creativity is amazing and a joy. Just one little friendly thought, though: “Miss” birdie is usually “Mrs.” birdie, and, although I’m no ornithologist, I’m fairly confident the males collaborate in the nest-building! Cheers!

    • Point taken Larry! We’ll reimagine her as “Mrs Birdie,” a well-seasoned birdie who has built several nests over the years with her “Mr.” and was wanting something a little bit different in this nest – hence the plastic netting. There are some species of birds where the males do all the nest-building! No doubt that arrangement is very acceptable to the ladies. 🙂 Thanks for the comments.. Blessings!

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