Gift #178: First snow

Today was a big day – we had our first snow!!  Now, to preface this, I’d like to say that yesterday it was 70 and sunny.  We went to bed at the close of a perfect, balmy weekend; and we woke up to a rain/snow mix that soon changed over to snow.  And it snowed for quite a while too.  The deck got a light dusting, and we watched it through the windows at work (like an inverted snow globe).  It whirled and flurried and was quite glorious.  And they were the big, fluffy flakes too.  My coworkers and I turned to 5-year-olds watching it and exclaiming “It’s snowing!!  It’s snowing!!”  I always like snow best when I know it’s not going to interfere with the commute, so this was a perfect snow as far as I’m concerned – beautiful to watch, left everything with a pretty white frosting, and it dissipated within a few hours.  What a beautiful gift!

Blessings to you,


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