Gift #180: Beasley’s apple orchard

One of the special blessings about living in Indiana are the abundance of  little orchards and pumpkin patches scattered about.  I love all the outdoor stands and mom/pop farms that sell their produce throughout the summer and fall.  I’m fortunate to have several within just a few miles of my home and today after work I went to Beasley’s.  This farmstand has been in existence since the 1940s, when the family started selling surplus produce off the side of the road in a wagon.  It’s now primarily an apple orchard, but they do grow other crops, as well as run a cider mill, can vegetables and jams, and prepare baked goods for sale.  The market is located in an old barn, which (I just found out) was built right after the Civil War.  I’ve been going through an obsession about the Civil War period, brought on by a fabulous book I’m reading (I’ll blog about the book later, so stay tuned….).   So I was thrilled to spend some time in a place built from the era and imagine what it was like to raise the walls of the barn in the days following such a brutal conflict, when the soul of our nation was rent asunder and remade.  I love living here, where there’s a deep connection to our past. 

The apples were largely gone, so I stocked up on my favorite mustard (champagne dill mustard) and apple jam.  Yum Yum!!  And I marveled at standing in a one-room building that had been built over 140 years ago, knowing I was feeling the same lumber that the builders felt, smelling the same smells, sharing the same gifts of the earth, and giving thanks for the same blessings. 

Blessings to you,

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