Gift #192: A big, round friend

Tonight the moon rose, large and full, fair dripping from the sky with its luminescence.  It was bright orange as it loomed along the horizon.  The man in the moon was really visible and it was a magical sight to behold.  As she rose further in the sky, she took on a silvery


orange_moon (Photo credit: chiral_mirror)

hue.  Watching the moon tonight reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books, Owl at Home, by Alfred Nobel.  One of the stories was about Owl taking a nightly stroll during a full moon.  He spent quite some time in the company of moon and then it was time to go home.  As he made his way back across the hills, he noticed the moon appear to follow him.  (Owl meant very well, but often his perceptions weren’t  quite aligned with reality) “No, no, no, moon.  You cannot come home with me!” Owl said to the moon. “You are much too large to fit through the doors and I have nothing to give you for supper.”  But still the moon persisted in following him.  Owl becomes desperate in his pleading: “Please moon, you must stay here in the sky where you belong.  You will be much more comfortable than in my tiny rooms.”  Eventually Owl makes his way home and settles into bed.  As he does so, he notices great beams of light coming from behind his window shades.  Opening the window, Owl finds himself face to face with his moon.  “Why moon, you have come home with me.  What a great, round friend you are!”  And Owl falls asleep in the moon’s light.  I hope you do too.

Blessings to you,

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