Gift #200: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Wow!  200 posts! One-fifth of the way through 1000.  This afternoon I went with my mom to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert downtown.  It was the first of their concerts I’ve ever been too and I had heard so many wonderful things about their concerts, so that I was very excited.  It did not disappoint.  The concert was an adaptation of their album, Lost Christmas Eve.  True to what I expected, it was full of lights, lasers, and spectacular effects, with the band playing fast and hard.  The best aspect of the concert though was the story.  “Lost Christmas Eve” tells the story of an angel sent to earth to find the name of the person who best mirrored His Son and continued His work on earth.  Off the angel goes to New York City and finds several likely candidates,  but is distracted in his search by a hard, embittered man cursing Christmas on his way out of the office.  Following the man, the angel discerns great hurt in the man.  He grew up believing all were made in God’s image, but on the night his wife was giving birth, things went very wrong.  His child was deprived of oxygen and suffered extensive brain damage and his wife died in labor.  Looking at his son, the man declared that “there is nothing of God in this.”  Not finding God’s image in his son, he gives him over to a state institution and walks away…from everything.  Now (forty years later), he remembers his son when a young girl bumps into him and asks him if he has children.  The man calls the institution and finds out his son is working at a nearby hospital.  He goes to the hospital and finds his son holding and comforting newborns from cocaine-addicted mothers.  As he watches his son giving comfort to these little ones and soothing them to sleep, he realizes that his son clearly  reflects the image of God in his actions far more than he has ever done.  His son looks up and recognizes his father from an old photograph.  He smiles a deep smile of forgiveness and love and the father returns it.  The father moves to the incubator, picks up an infant, and joins his son in rocking babies to sleep on Christmas Eve.  The angel flies back to heaven to give His Lord the names of the son, the father, and all those he had seen sharing the joy of Christmas.  The angel tells his Lord that anyone who emulates His Son reflects His glory.  And the Lord is pleased.

It is a beautiful story of redemption and forgiveness.  The last few stanzas of the album are my very favorite:

For hope never dies
At worst it only sleepsIMG_8443
And all we surrender
Christmas safely keeps
Through the cold winter nights
Of the longest Decembers
Till here by starlight
We begin to remember
That in the very end
The message Christmas is sending
Is that it is never too late
To change any life’s ending

Blessings to you,

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