Gift #205: Heaven and Nature Sing

Well, technically I didn’t hear heaven sing today, but I heard a lot of nature, and that was just as good.  A huge flock of starlings came to the back forest and settled in the trees, chattering as loud as anything.  There were hundreds of them, flying around – it was just incredible.  You could hear them inside with all the doors and windows closed; they were so loud.  Nothing would do however, but to open the back door to hear their chatter all the more.  So my family and I stood there enraptured, in front of an open window, with temps in the 40s, snapping pics and absorbing their presence.  I’m not quite sure if they were having a family reunion, or if they decided to come caroling.  I’m going with the latter suggestion since it is near Christmas and no doubt they had seen others caroling in the neighborhood and it looked like a good idea.  I’m pretty sure they were singing “Joy to the World.”  They were here for a good 10 min or so, then (all in unison) they rose up in the air and flew down a ways and deeper into the forest.  What an incredible gift! 




Blessings to you,

Sarah  PS.  I won’t be near internet for several days, and this will be my last blog post for a bit.  I will try to blog again near Christmas if I can get access.

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