Gift #214: Stamp Salado

Today we started our long trek back to Indy. On the way, we stopped at a small artsy community about 40 miles north of Austin called Salado. We used to go here frequently on our visits when my Nana was alive. It was one of her favorite places to visit, shop, and eat. My last trip here was about 5 years ago. At that time, I had found a stamp store and everyone was kind enough to let me stop and browse. My Nana bought a few stamps for me and I got my aunt interested in the hobby and she bought her first stamps here. The store has done really well over the years and has even moved into a larger space. We were able to stop there today and I added to my stamp collection and to my happy memories. It was really nice to be back and to enjoy the store. The owner has a great selection, including lots of Texan themes, and some stamps made by local artists. I had bought a stamp of birds on a wire by Deadbeat Stamps on my last visit and today I added to the collection with a couple more birds. I found out that the guy who makes the stamps lives just up the road in Temple, Tx! Here’s a couple pictures of the store and some of the goodies that came home with me.




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