Gift #215: Stagecoach Inn

While at Salado yesterday, we had lunch at the Stagecoach Inn. It was originally a stopping spot for Native Americans in the area. It became a rest stop for stagecoach lines as well as for cattle drives. Over the years, the Inn has hosted many notable guests, including Sam Houston, who gave a speech off the front balcony. Today, the site is a historic inn and dining room, full of the charm of yesteryear. My family has dined here many, many times and it was delightful to do so again. Lunch is served as a wonderful three course meal. My favorite part is the appetizer, which is a cup of chicken broth and some cornbread fritters. Absolutely heavenly. For the main entree, there are lots of choices ranging from burgers to steak to fried catfish. I like the cold plate best because it comes with fruit, a salad, sweet pickles, banana fritters, and…tomato aspic, a house speciality which is delicious. Dessert is included in the meal, and you get your choice of homemade goodies like cobbler or pie or some ice cream. It’s a lovely dining experience with great food in a relaxed, historical atmosphere. If you ever find yourself in central Texas, definitely make time to stop here.

Blessings to you,



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