Gift #227: Fanghorn completed

I finished my leafy scarflette, Fanghorn, today and I’m very excited to start wearing it.  Here’s a couple of pictures of the finished product. ES1

As promised, here is a selection of Entish poetry to accompany the scarf.  I had named my scarf “Fanghorn” after the ancient forest that the Ents (or tree-shepherds) inhabited in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  When I read this poem the first time, I was completely enchanted with it and was delighted that it made its way into the movie.  I loved the misty mountains covered in the old, gnarly trees.

When Summer lies upon the world, and in a noon of gold
Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves the dreams of trees unfold,
When woodland halls are green and cool, and wind is in the West,
Come back to me! Come back to me, and say my land is best!

– JRR Tolkien

With the leftovers of the yarn, I made this little cuff to match.  I had just enough yarn to do enough repeats for my wrist.  Hooray!  And I think it looks happily Entish.


Blessings to you,



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