Gift #231: Winter Woods Necklace

This adventure started around Thanksgiving, when one of the blogs I read had a feature by Heather Powers, of HumbleBeads, who designs beautiful polymer clay beads and pendants.  She showed off some of her new beads and offered a tantalizing discount.  I had seen these awesome birch branch beads and longed to make a necklace with the beauty.  I put in an order and soon I was staring at each lovely work of art in person – I ordered the logs, a fox, lots of leaves, mushroom bangles and some rondelles.  I had originally designed an asymmetrical lariat necklace with 2 leaves dangling from the necklace and the birch branch further up towards the neck.  I had also bought a strand of labradorite beads which were a nice hue of grey/blue and individually wired them into a chain to use with the branch and silvered leaves.  After an hour or so the necklace was made and I tried it on.  Unfortunately the weight of the branch pulled the left side of the necklace outward and made it quite unsightly.  I tried a couple different ideas to fix it, but this evening I pulled the whole thing apart and redesigned it.  The branch is now centered on the bottom of the necklace and I lengthened the beaded chain and centered it across the branch, along with some delicate silver chain.  It hangs perfectly now and looks much better.  Here’s the new and improved version.  I’m looking forward to wearing it soon as the muted greys are perfect for winter.

WN1Here’s a closeup of the bird and branch.


Blessings to you


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3 Responses to Gift #231: Winter Woods Necklace

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  3. JR says:

    Reblogged this on Unique Wood Beads and commented:
    Sarah creates a great “Winter Woods Necklace” as she describes in her post linked below. The bird with the branch is great. Real birch that size would be fairly light. I wonder what the other version of the necklace looked like? Note to self: find some little bird beads!

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