Gift #241: Winter Wonderland

We had snow last night and everything was covered under an enchanting layer of fluff when I woke up.  It was a double blessing because I was working from home today and did not need to bother with a messy commute.  Hooray!  I stayed at home and enjoyed the winter scenery from the living room with a fire going.  I also watched Narnia while I worked.  It was the perfect companion for the day.  I love the wintery scenes at the beginning of the movie when Lucy and her siblings are just discovering Narnia.  It’s so beautiful.  I feel a special kinship with the story when there’s snow outside my windows too.  It makes me think that perhaps Narnia is just a bit closer…maybe behind that wardrobe.  Later in the afternoon I ventured outside to capture some pictures of the snow in all its frostiness.  I put some of them into a collage using Instagram on my ipad and am pleased with how easy and fun that process was.  In fact, it was so addicting that I made several others.  The participates for today’s collage are: the wooden feeder from the backyard, some evergreen leaves of ivy under a blanket of snow, and two iron wrought birds that are perched on the deck railing.  I hope you enjoy the peak at winter in Indy.


Blessings to you,


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