Gift #262: Groundhog Day

I had not done much to celebrate Groundhog Day earlier this month, so last night I decided to watch the movie, Groundhog Day, as it seemed appropriate for February. I had watched it a few years ago and thought it was ok, but I was blown away by it this time. It was such a thoughtful, amazing story. The main character, Phil, is trapped in Puxatawney, PA covering the Groundhog Day festivities when a blizzard takes the town by surprise. As a result, Phil keeps reliving Groundhog Day over and over until he learns how to live a perfect day. The way Phil responds to the situation is both humorous and heart-touching. His transformation is amazing to watch. He moves from being completely oblivious to others, to noticing them, to taking an interest in them, to befriending them, and finally to serving them. With each day, he becomes more deeply invested in the townspeople. By the end of the movie, he knows the day so well, that he spends it moving about the town averting crisis after crisis, and saving the residents from various difficulties. When the time warp ends, he wakes up on Feb 3rd to find he is completely transformed. The first thing he says to his love that morning is “What can I do for you today?” This really gave me pause. When I wake up in the morning, that’s not usually the first thing on my mind. But what if it was? What if I woke up every day with the mindset that I am here to serve others? What if I went to work to find out what I could do for my coworkers and supervisor instead of obsessing over my schedule? What if I came home eager to know how I could serve my family, instead of wondering what they would do for me? What if I went to church planning how I could be a blessing to my congregation instead of hoping that I’ll like the sermon. I have a feeling my entire world would change if I would adopt the mind of Christ, and be His hands and feet to bless those in my life. That is the prayer of my heart.

Blessings to you,

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