Gift #263: Knit Stop

It has been a while since I’ve had a knitting-themed post, so I thought I’d share some pictures of one of my favorite knitting stores in Indy. We are blessed with quite a few knit stores in town, and if I’m honest, I’d say that all of them are “one of my favorites.” This one is unique in that it is a luxury knit shop. This means there are lots of skeins of yarn that are for petting and dreaming about, but that’s about all I can afford. I have splurged a few times for a really special skein of yarn and I plan to show them off in a future blog, once I’ve decided what they will become. They have a really nice selection of mid-range yarns too – and these are easily affordable if you need just a few skeins of a project. They have a great variety of weights and colors of yarn and the store is the only place where I can find some of my favorite yarns. I love going in to spend a few hours when the opportunity affords itself. The women who work there are very sweet and helpful. Here are some pictures of the treasures inside.




Blessings to you,

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