Gift #265: Tea Time at Anthropologie

It’s time for another trip to Anthropologie!  This time we’re on the lookout for whimsical home decor elements that look like they’re from Wonderland – because we’d like a tea party on this winter afternoon.  Fortunately there’s no shortage of such lovelies at Anthro and the proof is in the photos.  This collage was put together from some pics I snapped several weeks ago when roaming through the store.


Hands down, teacup lamps are one of my very favorite things.  I’ve seen great tutorials for making your own with china discards, which I will eventually work up the nerve to try.  I love the topsy-turvy look – it’s perfect for mad tea parties.  Now that we have ambience, we must be on the lookout for a tea set befitting our party.  I love this teacup and saucer -the floral pattern is delicate and whimsical and the tiny butterflies on the inside of the cup are a sweet touch.  I must confess that 2 of these cups and saucers have found themselves happy homes on my bookshelf.  And now with cup in hand, we may settle into this handsome gray armchair by the fire.  Yes, that plump cushion will do very nicely.  We shall read a well-worn copy of Alice in Wonderland by the light of our lamp and dream of talking flowers and butterflies…  Oh bother, we left the scones in the kitchen.

Blessings to you,


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