Gift #289: My church

My church celebrated their 5th birthday today and it was a wonderfully sweet time.  We started the service by singing the first song we sang as a congregation 5 years ago, “Our God Saves” (it’s one of my favorites).   We heard from many people whose lives had been touched by being part of our church and watching God at work among us.  Those who were part of the launch team talked about how their faith was stretched in birthing our church and seeing it grow; and members since the first days shared their favorite “God moments”, as we recalled all He had done for us.  My favorites were the stories told by those who had come to our doors and found God there, a welcoming caring group of believers, and who ultimately found their lives changed.  We heard today of marriages healed, of comfort given in crisis, of selfishness destroyed, of finding joy in serving others.  My church is full of people who have been transformed by God’s grace and are eager to become part of the body of Christ – being His hands and feet to each other and to our community.  One member phrased it this way – “we fell in love with loving people.”  I’m so blessed to be part of a church family that is passionate about living the gospel, not just doing church. 

We are going through the book of Joshua, and our passage today was on the children of Israel crossing the Jordan into their Promised Land.  We reflected on how amazing God’s miracle of drying up the Jordan river in front of the people would have been.  And we were reminded that God is doing equally amazing works in the heart and lives of each of us today.  We were encouraged to have our eyes open and be properly positioned to watch God at work and then get busy with following Him.

Blessings to you,


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