Gift #297: Azure daydreams

Today’s another Anthropologie-inspired color study.  This one was a bit different in that I had decided before entering the store what colors would be the subject – navy blue and teal.  Fortunately, Anthro felt the same as the store was full of obliging objects.  I think I wanted to feel these colors because they remind me of bright summer days – deep blue skies with a few wisps of clouds, grasses waving tall, and lazy cool streams.  The pictures all feature items with strong floral and avian themes, with a modernistic flair for natural history.  The centerpiece is the lovely bedding in refreshing, cool tones of blue with an undulating pattern.  It reminded me of a riverbed with smooth tiny stones reflecting the blue of water and the green of moss.  Artistic sketchings of birds grace the pillows.  And this incredibly amazing book of natural history illustrations and essays is on the bed too – excellent reading, yes.  Perfect for dreaming of flying with birds.  Then I found a sweet little owl cookie jar in tones of navy, aqua, and citrine.  Isn’t he adorable?  How could you not keep him by your river-bed to store a hankie and midnight snack within?  The most amazing piece of artwork in the store was this wall curtain of rope with paper florettes woven into the strands, again in various hues of blue and green.  It reminded me of distant hills with the sun rising behind them.  A suitable headboard for the forest bedroom near the river.  Lastly are these floral pins made of fabric yo-yos  that are perfect for tacking up reminders about picking daisies in the morning, the dance with the river nymphs next week, and watching the owls fly with moonlight on their wings.


Blessings to you,


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