Gift #301: April Fool’s Day

Happy April Fool’s Day!  Did anyone play some pranks?  I didn’t, nor did I have any jokes played on me, which was just as well.  Since I must do something to celebrate the day, I thought I would share the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, “God’s Own Fool” by Michael Card.  It seems an appropriate choice as this is also Easter Monday.  I love Michael Card’s songs – each one is thoughtful and deep.  I love how he plays with paradox in his work.  This song reminds me that though the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world, there’s no one else I would rather follow.

 God’s Own Fool

Seems I’ve imagined Him all of my life
As the wisest of all of mankind
But if God’s Holy wisdom is foolish to men
He must have seemed out of His mind

For even His family said He was mad
And the priests said a demon’s to blame
But God in the form of this angry young man
Could not have seemed perfectly sane

When we in our foolishness thought we were wise
He played the fool and He opened our eyes
When we in our weakness believed we were strong
He became helpless to show we were wrong
And so we follow God’s own fool
For only the foolish can tell-
Believe the unbelievable

And come be a fool as well

So come lose your life for a carpenter’s son
For a madman who died for a dream
And you’ll have the faith His first followers had
And you’ll feel the weight of the beam
So surrender the hunger to say you must know
Have the courage to say I believe
For the power of paradox opens your eyes
And blinds those who say they can see


So we follow God’s own Fool
For only the foolish can tell
Believe the unbelievable,
And come be a fool as well

– Michael Card
Blessings to you,
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