Gift# 304: Crocus

This week a miracle happened at work.  On Monday, winter still held sway outside – it was cold and bleak.  On Tuesday morning I decided I would start walking outside again because it’s April for heaven’s sake, and high time to be enjoying the mornings, even if imagethey may be a bit frosty.  My decision was amply rewarded because as I walked by the cafeteria, crocuses and daffodils had been planted overnight and were in beautiful bloom.  I daresay, some kindly gardeners were the mediators of such transformation – and clever of them to have planted them overnight so we would be surprised in the morning.  All of a sudden the courtyard felt like a peaceful springtime oasis, what with the flowers in bloom and the birds singing.  And temps have started to rise into the 50s, which is sheer bliss.  I had wanted to share with you some trivia of interest and fascinating folklore of the crocus, but alas and alack, there is a great void to be filled in this regard.  Someone needs to create a few clever stories featuring crocus, as it is a lovely flower.  The spice saffron comes from the stamens of a certain species of crocus, so it has been greatly valued over the centuries.  It requires 4,000 stamens to produce 1 ounce of saffron!  In fact, the word crocus derives from an Arabic word meaning “yellow” if internet sources are to be believed.  I enjoy saffron a great deal, but I must say that the crowning glory of this little plant are it’s white, purple, and yellow blooms that burst out of the snow in the cold days of Feburary and remind us all that spring is not long in coming.




Blessings to you,


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