Gift #306: Reflections in art

Today I was in Family Christian Stores and was admiring their framed art.  I took pictures of some of my favorites and edited them with the help of Isabella, the ipad.  This first one is so bright and happy – poppies are such joyful flowers.  It’s a perfect backdrop for the verse that reminds us all creation sings.


I love the verse on this piece so much.  It’s been a comfort and joy to my heart many times.


This painting is exquisite.  The sun coming through the trees and illuminating the forest floor is amazing.  I love forests very much and as I looked at this painting I found myself wishing I were in the midst of it.  I could smell the leaves, the rich dirt, and feel the moss beneath my feet and the cool wind on my face.  Forests can be very dark, foreboding places – there are treasures a-plenty there but they can be difficult to see for the darkness.  But when a shaft of light pierces through the canopy of leaves, the darkness scatters for a moment and your eyes are open to the wonders around you and you are amazed at what you find; at what was there all along, but you lacked the ability to see.  God is like that.  He shows up in our lives, expelling the darkness, and giving us back our sight to see the wonders of His grace all around us.  And a world that was once full of darkness becomes full of treasure once again.


Blessings to you,


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