Gift #313: Edith Holden’s April

I had a rather brilliant idea for my blog that flashed through my head this afternoon.  One of my favorite nature books is the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady – the nature journal of Edith Holden.  She is one of my naturalist heroines who lived in England and drew exquisite scenes of nature from her country home.  I have decided that for a few days each month, I will share some pictures from her diary corresponding to the appropriate month.  So today we will have our first look together at April.


I don’t know if the writing is clear, but the intro paragraph is about the origins of the name April.  She mentions that in April, they celebrate the beginning of the month by sending a shoeless person on a long errand, this is presumeably the English way of celebrating April Fools’ Day.


She mentions that on April 15th, 1906 she celebrated Easter Sunday and observed barn swallows dancing in the air.  Here are some of the watercolors of barn swallows and sand martins that she included in her diary.



Hope that you have enjoyed a sampling of Edith Holden’s remarkable work.  I also have a pinboard on pinterest of her art, which you may feel free to visit and be inspired by her beautiful paintings.

Blessings to you,


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