Gift #314: Fresh Baby Carrots

Confession:  I love, love, love fresh carrots with their greeny, ferny tops on.  Oh, I think they are adorable.  My grocery store in Indy sells their carrots this way and it’s the first time I’m seen them for sale with their tops on (outside of farmer’s markets).  I’ve bought them several times already this season.  I suffer the age-old dilemma:  do I cook them now while they’re fresh, or keep them and stare at them fondly for the next several days.  I’m not quite for sure when my obsession with carrot tops started, I think it was from early childhood days of watching Winnie the Pooh and admiring how the carrots grew in Rabbit’s garden.  I do know that by the time I visited Disneyland as an excited 9-year old, I was beyond thrilled to discover plaster carrots tops with real ferns growing out of them in Fantasyland.  They were right outside Mr. Rabbit’s Hole near the Teacup ride.  I loved them  dearly and in subsequent years when our family would vacation there, I’d always be sure to visit my little carrots.  Then came the sad day when they were removed and a golden teacup commemorating Disneyland’s 5oth birthday was placed on top of my precious carrot patch.  I was disconsolate about my carrot loss, but the kind landscapers at Disneyland had relocated them to the Winnie-the-Pooh ride.  Hmm… how oddly appropriate they should end up there, where the love of carrots first started.   Here’s a picture of the first bunch of the season.


Blessings to you,


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