Gift #317: Fiber Fest

Today was a highly anticipated day because it was the day of the great Fiber Fest, held at the Putnam County Fairgrounds.  This marked my second year to attend.  It’s such a big occasion that it warrants taking a vacation day from work to be there on Friday for the best yarn selection.  All the vendors are small, independent, cottage industries that are local to the Midwest.  I love being able to support local artisans.  There are goodies here to tempt any fiber artist – raw sheep fleece and tons of roving (dyed and natural) for those who like to spin their yarn, and thousands of handspun and hand-dyed skeins of yarn for those who just want to start a project.  For those who really want to start at the beginning, you can buy livestock – alpaca, sheep, and angora rabbits.  Yep, right at the show.  You can also watch demonstrations of spinning, weaving, felting…you name it.


It was at the fiber fest last year when I picked up the strange habit of smelling skeins of yarn – I liked the vinegar-tinged smell that lingered from the hand-dyeing process.  At that point I started getting concerned about my mental condition.  A few months later I was assured my behavior was completely normal amongst knitters when I saw a bumper sticker that said “I smell yarn.”  Oh good, sometimes a new knitter needs assurance.  There was lots of yarn to smell, touch, and admire today.  Here are a few pictures.


Some hand-dyed lovelies hanging up to dry.  These were a mix of fibers and were just breathtaking.


A lovely bit of roving from Briar Rose Fibers.  The colors were mottled greens and violets.  Oh, how I wish I could spin!


And hands down, my favorite display at the show – the entire chair has been needle felted.

I’ll show more pictures tomorrow!

Blessings to you,


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