Gift #318: Briar Rose Fibers

Today I’d like to showcase some of the yarns I bought from Briar Rose Fibers at the Greencastle Fiber Event.  They are one of the most popular vendors at the show and they are among my favorite independent yarn artists as well.  They hand-dye a wide variety of yarns from lace-weight to bulky weight, available in many different fiber types.  The colors are so subtle and beautifully variegated.  If you are interested in seeing their yarns, their website is here.  In addition to the beautiful yarns, they also carry a great collection of patterns.  The couple that own the business are so kind and thoughtful.  They make a point of greeting every customer to their booth and make you feel like a dear friend.  I’m excited to show off some of their great art.  These first skeins are from their Sea Pearl line, which is a merino wool/tencel blend.  the tencel really makes the yarn silky and smooth, with a great sheen.  It has beautiful drape and there’s enough yardage on each skein to make a sweater!  or shawl… or multiple pairs of socks…or..well you get the picture.



And this is my favorite purchase at the festival.  It’s 2500 yards of lace-weight yarn in the most wonderful shades of green, beige, and brown.  It looks just like the forest floor with sunlight dappling through the leaves, dancing their shadows along the ground.  Oh, I can’t wait to make something worthy of a woodland elf out of this yarn!  There’s nearly half a mile of yarn to play with!!  Happy, happy thought.

Yarn of forest

Blessings to you


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