Gift #320: A lunch companion

Yesterday I enjoyed my lunch break outside.  Our tables and chairs have been returned to the courtyard so I’ve been taking advantage of the fresh air as often as possible.  It was a glorious, bright sunshiny day yesterday, with a cool breeze blowing.  I was finishing up my lunch and the knitting was coming out.  (I try to get in a few minutes of knitting during lunch each day.  I find it makes for a calmer afternoon).  My attention was suddenly distracted by a movement on my shadow, which was cast onto the table in front of me.  I paused and then a few minutes later a little spider dangled down in front of my nose.  She had headed downward from where she had started spinning her web attached to my hair!  Well now – that doesn’t happen every day!  At first I couldn’t decide whether to be unnerved by this or to view it a compliment.  After a moment’s consideration I went with the latter interpretation.  I was pleased she felt comfortable and safe around me.  Perhaps she saw that I was knitting and was keen to take a closer look at what I was doing.  Perhaps she wanted to share her spinning skills – she was very accomplished and maybe she thought I would appreciate a close look.  And she was right.  I did enjoy the company and she was a cute little thing.  It is absolutely fascinating to watch a spider spin, and I’ve grown in appreciation of their art now that I’ve read through how-to books for spinning yarn.  She doesn’t need an instruction book and her silk creations are more beautiful than any yarn.

After a while she disappeared.  And then I was concerned.  I wondered if she was still nestled up in my hair, if she had decided to make that her new home, or if she had wandered off somewhere else.  I didn’t want to hurt her accidentally.  Neither did I wish to startle my coworkers.  They are accustomed to seeing me with all manner of flowers, clips, and sparkly things in my hair, but never a spider – not even on Halloween.  I didn’t wish them to think I was taking up a new habit.  I haven’t seen her since, but I did appreciate her visit and maybe she will come again soon.

Blessings to you,


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