Gift #324: Butterflies

Yesterday I showed some pictures of the flowers in bloom at Indy’s Gardens.  Today we’ll look at flowers that fly – butterflies.  Every year from April to September, our conservatory overflows with lots of plants, ponds, and butterflies.  You can walk along two levels and enjoy the butterflies flying all around you.  If you’re very fortunate, they will land on you for a moment to say hello.  One of the most interesting features is a butterfly nursery, where you can watch butterflies emerging from chrysalis.  I like to marvel at the variety in the different species of chrysalis.  There are butterfly release times throughout the day when the newborn butterflies get to fly in their conservatory home for the first time. 


Some butterflies enjoyed their new surroundings and got right to the business of drinking up nectar. 



Others just posed so we could admire their beauty.



Then there were those who thought life looked way more exciting outside those windows. 


And some were making new friends.


All were beautiful and all were amazing jeweled miracles. 

Blessings to you,


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