Gift #328: Forest in Springtime

Let’s take a walk together through the woodlands, green with new growth and blooming with wildflowers.  This is the beautiful view from my deck.  I’m so blessed to live near the trees.  I’ve been able to visibly see the green get stronger day by day.  Today it was noticeably darker in the woods as the tree canopy has filled in and is blocking more light slanting in through the trees.


I love these white flowers – they grow in large stands at the edge of the forest and the backyard.  They bloom for about 2 weeks in mid-spring and are just lovely.


Groundcover is carpeting the forest floor and hiding the little sticks and acorns with its foliage.


A dandelion seed head looks so beautiful and delicate against the green grass.  All those silken strands will soon float away on the breeze.


Happy, sunny wildflowers brighten the forest floor with cheerful faces.  There are areas in the forest that look like a sea of spilt sunshine.


Spring is a magical time of year in my backyard forest.

Blessings to you,


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