Gift #331: Neighborhood Library

While I was out and about over the weekend, I spied this most clever and wonderful idea.  Someone had set up a mini library for children in their front yard.


This is just an incredibly creative and thoughtful thing to do.  It provides children on the street with books when perhaps trips to the local library or bookstore aren’t possible.  Or perhaps the library is closed and one must have a new book to read… just bicycle or walk down a few doors and see what’s available at the little lending house.  And it’s a wonderful way to teach children about the importance of sharing and using what you have to bless others and meet their needs.  It’s great for children to know that the books they donated are being used and enjoyed by their neighbor friends.  I was really touched by this family’s effort to be a blessing and meet a need right there in their neighborhood.

Blessings to you,


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