Gift #332: Plant time

Today was the official start to the planting season as I made the annual pilgrimage to Walmart to purchase flowers and herbs for the spring/summer.  The fun starts with a first pass through all the aisles of plants, just to see what’s available and take note of what looks appealing.  Then, there’s the trek back through, selecting individual plants with great care – no sick leaves or broken stems, lots of new growth, etc.  This is the most fun part.  Once the cart is loaded with plants, there’s a final round back through, to make sure nothing was overlooked or to put back some extra plants.  I stocked up on herbs (my favorites!) and brought home some rosemary, lavender, and basil to supplement my herbs that survived last winter.  My favorite find of tonight was grapefruit mint, which smells heavenly.  I have a collection of mints, which grow in pots to keep their spreading habits to themselves, and this will be a lovely addition.  Then there were the tomato plants…yum!  For the first time, I bought a few bell peppers – one that grows purple fruit and one that produces mini peppers.  And finally, many annual flowers to fill the deck planters.  Hooray for gardening!

Loads of tomato plants

Loads of tomato plants



Blessings to you


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