Gift #333: Robins and Mushrooms

Yesterday on the way into work I walked outside through the courtyard.  It was a lovely morning with the sun shining brightly, a deep blue sky, and warm.  The song of  a robin greeted me as I stepped outside.  He was singing loudly, with his head thrown back and music gushing from his throat.  Such a beautiful sound.  I closed my eyes and listened and thought that there couldn’t be anything in the world more lovely than birdsong.  Then…. I saw mushrooms!!  The first ones I’ve seen this year!!  I guess it was finally warm enough and the evening rains had coaxed them to come above ground.  Oh my, to be blessed with robins and mushrooms all in one morning was quite an unexpected gift.  So I still can’t make up my mind which is more wonderful – robin’s songs or mushrooms, but thankfully God gives us a world where we don’t have to choose. 

The mushroom watercolors are some of Beatrix Potter’s fungi studies.  You can expect to see more of these in the future!

Blessings to you,


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