Gift #346: Spring Tea Party

Today we’ll jaunt down the rabbit hold to join the Mad Hatter and March Hare for tea.  Well, hurry up!  We’re running late!  To help us get in the mood, we’ll look to Anthropologie to supply some inspiration and provide  a beautiful table setting for our mad tea party.  First, we’ll need a tablecloth to set the mood.


Then, of course, what’s a tea party without some teacups?  We have our pick of several beautiful styles here.


And here’s the perfect cake stand to keep our scones and cakes fresh and away from pesky flies until tea time.


We’ll need napkins, of course, to keep our hands clean and to swipe away crumbs from our table.  These are perfect with their sweet embroidered flowers.


And speaking of flowers, we’ll need lots and lots of flowers to decorate the tables and chairs.  I love the whimsical look of these paper blooms.




After tea time, we’ll all want to recline on the moss-covered ground underneath large, shady trees and hear a story.   Once upon a time, a little girl named Alice…..


Blessings to you,





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