Gift #351: Paris Flea Market

Today my mom and I spent most of the day at the Paris Flea Market in Littleton, CO.  It’s held on the first Sat of the month during the summer and it’s a wonderful event.  We try to plan our trip to Denver so we’ll be there for market.  It’s in its 13th season now.  Scores of vendors come and sell everything: antiques, furniture, garden accessories, plants, jewelry, clothes… all at reasonable prices.  Lots of the vendors specialize in handmade items, which I especially appreciate.  The special joy of the day was being able to see my favorite violinist today, Dave Villano.  He has a booth at the market to sell his CDs.  I got to say hello and listen to him play for a while.  And of course I bought his new CD.  It was a wonderful day to spend a bright, sunny Saturday in Colorado!





Blessings to you,



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